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Destruction of habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity Destroying the soil nutrient distribution Global climate change or local heating Increasing the rate of erosion Impact on the hydrological system Impact on the geomorphological system 

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Destruction of habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity: a variety of fauna and flora species threatened with extinction and destruction resulting from excessive logging.When forests are destroyed, the main function as the main producers will also suffer destruction. Wildlife that depend on plants as herbivores will lose food sources. For example, elephants, deer, monkeys and others. Damage to ecosystems, such as the destruction of food chains, energy cycles biotic and abiotic components that would disrupt the local ecological balance. Overall ecological disturbances will occur when forests are destroyed 
Destroying the soil nutrient distribution: in addition, the impact of logging activities would also destroy the circulation of nutrients in the soil. In the natural circulation of nutrients will occur with the full and complete under the forest trees. However, if there is deforestation, soil nutrient chains, and quickly disappears as the surface water runoff increases sharply in the forests bare. The process of photosynthesis will also be destroyed at once interrupted the circulation of nutrients. 
Global climate change or local warming: rising temperatures around the absence of protection that prevents the sun's rays, and the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Next will reduce rainfall or rainfall patterns change would be made up to create the phenomenon of drought. Reduction of humidity due to the function to release water vapors into the air through transpiration is lost or reduced. The air around the dry and hot weather. Forests are no longer able to work to simplify the temperature bahangan by trapping the sun and releases water vapors through the process of sweating. 
Increasing the rate of erosion: the effects of logging also contributes to soil erosion.When forests are cut down, tree roots no longer grip the ground under the surface of the earth. If no roots to grip the ground, causing a loose soil structure. When it rains, rain water flow will cause the structure of the soil is soft and smoothly. Soft ground and will move smoothly down the hill slopes and landslides took place. Landslide not only damage the forest ecosystem, but also endanger human life like in Bukit Antarabangsa. 

Effects on hydrological systems: logging also causes the hydrologic cycle becomes unstable. Logging also reduces the rate of susupan water into the soil and thus reduce the water level in the soil. This will affect the water catchment areas and water supply to rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps. Logging also contributes to the rate of surface runoff that brings a lot of silt and mud into the river, thus promoting the occurrence of flooding. 

Impact on the geomorphological system: logging will reveal the earth's surface directly to a variety of processes such as weathering, erosion, surface runoff, and various  types of mass movement. The loss of surface protection, bonding force, and grip the soil by tree roots causing a loose soil structure and hill slopes become unstable.


Motivasi adalah salah satu langkah untuk membina pertahanan diri dengan rangsangan dalam atau luaran. Melalui aktiviti memotivasikan diri ia dapat melahirkan kita sebagai individu yang mempunyai sikap yang yakin dengan kebolehan diri sendiri. Manusia atau insan yang berjaya mempunyai pertahanan dalaman yang sangat kuat. Intra dan interpersonal yang dimiliki insan sebegini sangat hebat dan luar biasa. Bila berbicara tentang motivasi kita sering terfikir bagaimana cara-cara untuk meningkatkan tahap motivasi dalam yang tinggi dan teguh. Antara yang perlu dilakukan ialah yakin dengan kebolehan diri sendiri. Sentiasa melakukan tindakan yang positif dan menerima keputusan dengan hati terbuka. Kaedah ini adalah antara kaedah yang sangat sesuai dalam membentuk motivasi dalaman diri. Nilai-nilai positif perlu diterapkan dalam diri dan perlu diamalkan setiap hari, Contohnya kita perlu menepati masa dan waktu. Dengan disiplin sebegini ia membentuk peribadi individu yang berjati diri dan berpendirian teguh. Now we know motivation very important for our life.

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The only five factors which guarantee success

Do you know, how to be success? When we talk about how to succeed! I're read success advice and book and articles. They're all good. To be a succeed you can follow the only five factors which guarantee success. First, I collected and classified those factors which eminently successful men considered essential. These I gathered from talk with big men, from personal letters, from printed interview, and from books. Thus, I had before me the ideas of thirty one of the big men of our country. 

Although their ideas differ, yet certain factors are listed by each of these men; and seventeen qualities are mentioned more than twenty times. They are: health, good, appearance, hard work, enthusiasm, self-confidence, concentration, determination, honesty, good memory, self-control, tact, patience, and imagination.  

These qualities are not determinants of success. They do not guarantee success. Of course, they are important. They are valuable assets, but not determining factors. For instance, a man must "work hard" to succedd, but "hard work" does not always bring success. 

The only five factors which guarantee success is;
The determining factors are: (1) freeing yourself of hindering circumstances and conditions; (2) doing something; (3) being a leader in what you do; (4) rendering service to others; and (5) securing just compensation for service.
                                                                                                                              -BROWN LANDONE-

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